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Which of the following statements about the basolateral complex is incorrect_
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For example, suppose you decide to order pizza. You must first choose the type of crust: thin or deep dish (2 choices). Next, you choose one topping: cheese, pepperoni, or sausage (3 choices). Using the rule of product, you know that there are (2)(3) = 6 possible combinations of ordering a pizza. 4. "Working at a startup gave me an opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of the industry, and to take on tasks I might not have at a larger company. For instance, most people are either logical and use analytics to solve problems, or emotional and use creativity. It's rare to find someone who is both.This image shows the steps for solving (5 n – 2)(6 n – 1) = 0. First, use the zero factor property to set each factor equal to 0, 5 n – 2 = 0 or 6 n – 1 = 0. Then, solve the equations, n = 2/5 or n = 1/6. Finally, check the answers by substituting the two solutions back into the original equation.